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Titanium Slate Dining Table

Titanium Slate Dining Table


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Featuring a circular, glossy black titanium slate tabletop, this dining table boasts natural and distinct textures with an elegant hue.


  • Material: Slate + Stainless Steel
  • Crafted from a single piece of slate, the tabletop exudes a warm and refined texture, appearing sleek and stylish.
  • Renowned for its fireproof and heat-resistant properties, as well as its resistance to penetration and stains, slate has become a highly sought-after material for dining tables.
  • Not only does it look good, but it's also highly durable.
  • The edges of the tabletop have been meticulously polished multiple times, ensuring a smooth and rounded surface that is gentle to the touch, providing a tender care and companionship.
  • Supported by a solid wood base between the slate and the legs, the table's balance is enhanced, preventing any wobbling or tipping and offering you a sense of security.
  • Available with a black titanium stainless steel or gold stainless steel base, both options are durable and resistant to deformation, providing a stable dining environment.


100 X 76H CM (39” X 30”H)


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