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Trio LED Pendant Lamp

Trio LED Pendant Lamp

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This breathtaking Trio LED Pendant Lamp with brass finish is a beautiful piece. With its sophisticated beauty and stunning details, it is sure to add the perfect touch to your bathroom, bedroom, dining room, kitchen or living room decor.


  • Crafted from a harmonious blend of solid metal and flawless acrylic, this light is designed to be attractive and long-lasting.
  • These high-quality materials create a long-lasting, visually striking accent to your living space.
  • The elegant, discreet black finish of our Trio LED Pendant Lamp is achieved through a meticulous multi-ring stacking process and precision polishing, leaving the surface with a glossy, even black shine.
  • This enduring black hue blends easily with any interior design, adding sophistication and modernity to your living space.
  • Mesmerizing design revolves around three interconnected rings, creating a truly one-of-a-kind visual masterpiece.
  • The harmonious interplay of geometric shapes and gentle curves gives a touch of art to living spaces and becomes a conversation topic and the centerpiece of his interior design.
  • Choose a glowing pendant light that wraps around your living room, bedroom, hallway, or any other room.
  • The versatile design and adjustable hanging wire make it suitable for different environments. Enjoy cozy evenings in the warm, atmospheric light of the living room, or turn your bedroom into a retreat for relaxation.
  • Illuminate your hallway with elegance and elegance, creating an attractive entrance area for your guests.


72 X 107H CM (28" X 52"H)


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