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Liza Side Table

Liza Side Table

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Simplistic yet elegant, it starts with aesthetics and stays with quality. Elevate your home with this high quality Liza Side Table.



Material: Sintered stone + Solid wood + Copper metal

Perfect as a bedside table, sofa side table, or a stylish addition to your drawing room or living room, its versatile design fits seamlessly into any space. 

The new material, sintered stone, is made through a process of high pressure and high temperature (1280°C). It inherits the hardness and high-temperature resistance of granite, while being lighter than marble and exhibiting fashionable marble-like textures with a soft luster and superior quality. It retains the properties of being wear-resistant, scratch-resistant, and heat-resistant, maintaining its new look over time. Features: chemical resistance, scratch and wear resistance, high temperature resistance, mold inhibition, and easy cleaning.

The unique stone textures blend seamlessly with space, extending infinite possibilities for life.

Full-body sintered stone, with textures from inside out, offering a delicate and glossy feel.

Formed from a single piece of solid thick steel plate with no welding points, meticulously crafted for strong, stable support, corrosion resistance, and rust prevention, with an exclusive handmade antique copper brushed finish.

The support evenly distributes the table's weight, enhancing the tabletop's load-bearing capacity for a more stable and durable surface.

The round side table design features smooth edges. Both the high and low tea tables use round designs without sharp corners, effectively reducing the risk of bumps and protecting family health.

Strict and simple lines enhance the sense of space in the living room.

The purer and simpler it is, the more it grants time a luxurious tranquility.

Resistant to wear and rust, not easily oxidized, enduring the test of time to present a textured lifestyle.


45 X 51H CM (18" X 20"H)


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