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Hermes Bedroom Set

Hermes Bedroom Set


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Italian-style luxury leather bed, with a simple design, combined with leather and titanium gold for a more luxurious appearance. This exquisite collection seamlessly blends sleek modern design with opulent materials, creating a harmonious sanctuary that exudes refined style and comfort. This set includes: Bed, 2 Nightstands, Chest, Dresser with mirror and stool, Bench


  • The Hermès orange color adds vitality to this product, making it unforgettable at first sight. The leather is comfortable and skin-friendly, with a soft backrest.
  • Filled with high-density sponge, it offers comfortable and resilient support, providing an all-round soft experience.
  • The solid wood frame is sturdy, durable, and free of any noise.
  • The bedhead is crafted with vacuum titanium gold-plated stainless steel, resistant to discoloration and rust.
  • The solid wood gold-plated feet are high-end and atmospheric, moisture-proof, and corrosion-resistant, bringing a sense of stability and security to the family.
  • With its impeccable design, opulent materials, and meticulous craftsmanship, the Hermes Bedroom Set transforms your sleeping space into a haven of refined living. Indulge in the ultimate expression of luxury and relaxation with this exquisite collection that promises to elevate every moment spent in your bedroom.
  • At the heart of the set is the Hermes Bed, a masterpiece of design crafted from the finest quality materials. Its sturdy frame, expertly constructed from premium wood, provides a solid foundation for restful nights of sleep. Adorning the bed is a sumptuous headboard upholstered in luxurious top-grain leather, offering both visual appeal and exceptional comfort.
  • Complementing the bed is the Hermes Dresser with Stool, a functional and stylish storage solution for your clothing and personal belongings. The dresser features a sleek design with clean lines and exquisite detailing, crafted from high-quality wood and adorned with a luxurious marble top. The accompanying stool, upholstered in supple leather, adds a touch of elegance to your daily routine.
  • Adding to the ensemble is the Hermes Chest, a statement piece that offers additional storage space while enhancing the aesthetic of the room. Its spacious drawers, crafted with precision and attention to detail, provide ample room for organizing clothing, linens, and more. The chest's sleek metal frame and leather accents create a striking contrast, adding depth and visual interest to the design.
  • Completing the set is the Hermes Bench, a versatile piece that adds both style and functionality to the bedroom. Whether placed at the foot of the bed or in a cozy corner, the bench offers a comfortable seating option upholstered in premium leather, perfect for relaxing or getting ready for the day.


King: 232 x 232 x 132CM (L: 91 3/8" x W: 91 3/8" x H: 52")

Queen: 232 x 191 x132CM (L: 91 3/8" x W: 75 3/8" x H: 52")

Nightstand: 56 x 46 x 53CM (L: 22" x W: 18" x H: 20 5/8")

Dresser: 150 x 50 x 83CM (L: 59" x W: 19 3/4" x H: 32 5/8")

  • Mirror: 60 x 4 x 90CM (L: 23 5/8" x W: 1 1/2" x H: 35 1/2")
  • Stool: 40.5CM (Diameter: 16")

Chest: 65 x 60 x 127CM (L: 25 5/8" x W: 23 5/8" x H: 50")

Bench: 171 x 58 x 42CM (L: 67 1/4" x W: 23" x H: 16 5/8")


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