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Italian Minimalist Dining Table

Italian Minimalist Dining Table


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An Italian minimalist super crystal stone dining table crafted with innovative materials, combining colored drawing techniques and low-temperature baking paint process. The super crystal stone boasts rich patterns, seamlessly integrated edges, mirror-like effects, exuding a high-end atmosphere.


  • Material: Super Crystal Stone + Solid Wood + Carbon Steel Legs
  • It is refined at high temperatures, possessing strong hardness and strength, resistant to cracking, non-absorbent, and with excellent gloss!
  • The black with gold solid wood base exudes nobility and elegance.
  • Durable, resistant to deformation, and cracking, it perfectly complements the stability and performance of the crystal stone surface.
  • The super crystal stone replicates the realistic patterns and sophistication of marble, resistant to high temperatures, not easily scratched, and easy to clean.
  • With high hardness, wear resistance, and aging resistance, the surface is food-grade, smoothly polished to avoid friction, ensuring safety against knocks and bumps.
  • It embodies sophistication: the combination of carbon steel legs and super crystal stone is a match made in heaven, adding a touch of fashion and enhancing the joy of life. It brings visual depth and dimensionality.
  • The integrated welding structure ensures the support frame remains intact.
  • Carbon steel, treated with special moisture and corrosion resistance, enhances its solidity and durability, making it resistant to wear and scratches.


160 X 90 X 76H CM (63" X 35.5" X 30"H)


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