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Matte Slate Dining Table (PRE-ORDER)

Matte Slate Dining Table (PRE-ORDER)

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A luxury modern slate dining table, where a beautiful life begins with a refined dining room. The spacious tabletop caters to various dining needs in different scenarios, fostering a harmonious dining atmosphere. A good dining table makes every moment wonderful. 

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  • Material: Solid Wood Slate 
  • With a comfortable height off the ground, legs can stretch freely, offering ample space. When not in use, chairs can be tucked under the table, saving space. 
  • The slate is fire-resistant, heat-resistant, resistant to deformation, and easy to clean.
  •  The double-layer tabletop, with a 12mm slate upper layer and a 15mm solid wood multi-layer board lower layer, provides double protection, with imported Turkish velvet fabric adhered, resulting in a tabletop thickness of 227mm, offering superior load-bearing capacity.
  • The rounded edge design prevents collisions, making it visually nimble. The smoked wood veneer on the solid wood multi-layer board provides sturdy and stable support.
  • The table legs explore the beauty of art, incorporating design elements of stainless steel titanium brushed craftsmanship.
  • The geometric and multi-sided appearance of the table legs adds a sense of lightness and agility.


140 X 80 X 75H CM (55” X 31.5” X 29.5”H)

160/180/200 X 90 X 75H CM (63”/71”/79“ X 35.5” X 29.5“H)


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