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Saddle Leather Round Table (PRE-ORDER)

Saddle Leather Round Table (PRE-ORDER)

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Simple luxury art, high-end quality. The fusion of modern art and marble exudes aristocratic temperament. It's the perfect combination of life and design, showcasing the owner's unique taste.

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  • Material: Marble + Stainless Steel Frame with Saddle Leather
  • With light tones and clean lines, it creates a beauty of integration, bringing bright aesthetics to life, with a specific lightness and eternal expressiveness, achieving elegant quality.
  • Natural stone is selected, with its unique charm of abstract texture, cut from raw stone and smoothly polished with curves.
  • Its texture is wear-resistant, remaining new even after long-term use.
  • The 360-degree rotating turntable eliminating the awkwardness of reaching for dishes during gatherings, while the tabletop remains clean and attractive.
  • The stainless steel gray steel base is structurally stable, not prone to deformation, cracking, or shaking, with a long service life and a load-bearing capacity of over 300KG, ensuring peace of mind.
  • Wrapped in high-quality imported saddle leather, it exhibits super-strong abrasion resistance, with a straight and sturdy surface, high tear resistance, and a unique yet stable appearance.
  • The spacious table bottom space allows for chair storage without constraint, freeing up more activity space.


120 X 75H CM (47” X 29.5”H)

130 X 75H CM (51” X 29.5”H)

150 X 75H CM (59” X 29.5”H)


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