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Minimalist Slate Dining Table

Minimalist Slate Dining Table

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An Italian minimalist slate dining table, the visual centerpiece of the dining room. The combination of slate and metal creates a unique minimalist modern style, bringing a different visual experience to your home life.

Tabletop color options available, please consult us for details.


  • Material: Slate + Stainless Steel Legs
  • The slate tabletop is resistant to high temperatures, impervious to knives, zero permeability, easy to clean, and sourced from natural and environmentally friendly materials.
  • The smooth edge design of the tabletop ensures safety and collision prevention.
  • The corners are polished all around, providing a smooth touch to prevent injury from collisions, allowing for a safe and comfortable dining experience.
  • The electroplated brushed stainless steel, gray titanium base, and glazed treatment provide a delicate texture, rust and corrosion resistance, greatly enhancing the stability of the dining table and ensuring safety.


180 X 90 X 76H CM (71” x 35.5” x 29.5”H)

200 x 100 x 76H CM (79” x 39” x 29.5”)


  • For tables below 2 meters, 2 half-round tube legs can be used.
  • While for tables above 2 meters, 3 half-round tube legs are recommended.


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