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Minimalist Slate Round Dining Table

Minimalist Slate Round Dining Table

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A minimalist and innovative slate round dining table, harmonizing relaxation and aesthetics, creating beautiful moments with family. The striking black and white color scheme is both eye-catching and classic, never tiring to behold! 


  • Material: Slate + Solid Wood + Stainless Steel Base
  • The choice of slate tabletop offers fire resistance, high-temperature resistance, scratch resistance, and easy cleaning, making slate a widely used material. 
  • The edges of the slate tabletop are finely polished, ensuring a smooth touch without any roughness, taking into account the home living experience.
  • The 360-degree flexible rotating independent turntable makes dining convenient, avoiding the awkwardness of reaching for dishes, complemented by a high-quality alloy turntable shaft.
  • Solid wood panels provide stable support, long-lasting durability, environmentally friendly and odor-free, ensuring safety and peace of mind, with smoked wood veneer adding a touch of coziness and tranquility to the home.
  • The stainless steel base, a perfect combination of wood and metal, exudes a sense of luxury and elegance, ensuring the table's stability like a rock, steadfast and unwavering.



  • 130 X 75H CM (51" X 29.5’’H)
  • 135 X 75H CM (53" X 29.5’’H)
  • 150 X 75H CM (59" X 29.5’’H)

Turntable: 80CM (31.5”)


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