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Classic Italian Bedroom Set

Classic Italian Bedroom Set


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Italian style, classic design. The collision of solid wood and leather brings about elegance and comfort. Bed Available in five colors: Green and Blue requires pre-ordering. 

This solid wood nightstand with dual drawers is your fashionable companion in the bedroom. There are countless reasons to fall in love with it. Nightstand Available in various colors for customization, making it super convenient.



      • Material: Leather + Solid Wood Frame
      • The leather is elegant, soft, and breathable, ensuring comfort without sticking to the skin.
      • The luxurious buckle-backrest protection provides a snug and comfortable feel, with plush cotton filling for quick rebound and even force distribution, ensuring durability without deformation.
      • The solid wood frame design is environmentally friendly with no odor, providing sturdy support without any noise. 



      Material: Synthetic Leather + Solid Wood Frame

      With concealed handles, it ensures daily safety while offering aesthetic appeal.

      The entire frame is made of pine wood, providing robust support that remains stable without deformation.

      The tabletop is crafted from leather, reducing the risk of bumps and facilitating easy cleaning.

      Equipped with multi-section damping and silent rails, along with high-quality solid wood legs.

      Available in various colors for customization, making it super convenient.


      King: 230 x 245 x 104CM (90.5” x 96.5” x 41”)

      Queen: 190 x 245 x 104CM (75” x 96.5” x 41”)

      Nightstands: 52 x 40 x 40CM (20.5” x 16” x 16”)


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